My name is Atreyee Dutta, a professional travel writer based in Kolkata, India. I am determined at helping businesses reach their potential by producing quality rich content that converts. I am adept at using the given keyword to increase the online visibility of your brand.

I am an MBA graduate but life inside closed doors never interests me. Writing, travelling and photography are what I have always been passionate about so wanted to take up a career that would fit me the best. When I am not writing, you will find me travelling, hanging out with friends or binge eating over Netflix.

Whenever I see beautiful pictures and videos of places, my wanderlust spirit wants to break free. Travelling makes me happy. I was working full time for a few years but soon realized I want more from life than doing a regular desk job, so that’s the time when I took up writing. Writing gives me solace and documenting travel experiences soothes my soul.

What can you expect from my blog?

On this blog, you will find me sharing interesting travel stories with beautiful accommodations, mouth-watering delicacies, travel guides, itineraries, tips, suggestions and a lot more. Not to forget, you will also get to see some amazingly captured travel moments.

A few more things to know about me over a cup of coffee

  • I am born and brought up in Kolkata

  • I am a foodie at heart

  • I do a lot of research before planning a trip

I would love to hear from you. Email me at info.atreyee@gmail.com and let’s just talk!